Buh-bye! I won't even miss you!

Aaaaaaaaah! This week, a friend of mine came to pick up my kitchen cast offs, a computer chair, a Bluetooth speaker, and an old kitchen table. I have no regrets! Slowly but surely, things are changing in my home. I'm getting rid of the clutter. I thought I'd feel more relieved, but the change doesn't feel as significant as I thought it would. I have a few empty shelves in my kitchen cupboards, but I want to get rid of more things. In due time I guess.

I have plans to get rid of my current dinning room table and a few other plates. But I can't really get rid of those things until my mom moves out because she likes to invite my sister and her family to supper once in a while. Without the kitchen table, those suppers would be a little uncomfortable. So... patience.

Things I've been contemplating during this process:
    The common advice you can read on many minimalism blogs is that for every item you bring in you get rid of one item. Therefore, it's quite possible to be a minimalist (or at least look like one) and still be a major consumer. Getting rid of stuff doesn't mean that you can't replace those things. But going through that process of getting rid of all of those things, hopefully you actually grow and change any habit of mindless consumerism that you may have.
    I think that not feeling a bigger impact about getting rid of the clutter is not a bad thing. In my opinion, I think it just goes to show that those things did not add much value to my life. My current home is big enough for the things not to be in the way too much. I'm sure that once I'm done (not that we are ever really done) with the process, it will be quite the thing to behold. I expect that I will really appreciate going through this process when it's time to move. I'm hoping to be able to move before Christmas. I need to convince my daughter and make her feel calm and secure about moving during the school year.
I'll be tackling the basement next.


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