Day 4, 5, and 6 - A little progress

Day 4 - nothing significant to say. Still super hungry, but still eating whole30. Kind of grumpy today.

Day 5 - nothing significant to say for this day either. The hunger has calmed down a bit though. And not as grumpy as yesterday. 

Day 6 - When I went to the linen closet to grab a face cloth for my morning shower, I was greeted by a well-organized space containing just enough stuff. It made me so happy! I actually reopened the door after shutting it the first time to take a second look. As if it was too good to be true. But it was true!!! 

Tonight, a colleague of mine came to pick up a dresser and a bookcase that I offered him. Turns out that one of his daughters (he is a single dad of four kids) needed a new one. And I'm more than happy to be rid of those pieces. He wrote back later on in the evening and thanked me again saying that his daughter was really happy to get the dresser. Excellent! :)

Things are slowly coming along. I can be somewhat impatient and would like for things to be done as soon as I think them. Obviously, that can't be. And it's probably a good thing. If it would be that easy, we wouldn't learn from these experiences. Before buying new stuff, I must remember what the journey to simplicity was like. All of the hard work to rid myself of the clutter and unnecessary things.

Today I worked on dreaming of the life I want. I wrote (for myself) about what I want my home to be like. Where would it be, how would it look, what would be in it. I also considered the schedule I would want, what my ideal financial situation look like, and what my ideal emotional and physical health would look like.

I didn't write about why I want these things the way I want them though. I will add to that plan. I also want to consider what I want to do with my life. More than just the every day living stuff. And of course, the whys for those.

Once I'm done editing it, I will print it and put it up in my bedroom so that I can be reminded of it every day.

Well that's it for tonight. Bonne nuit!


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