Day 7 - Temptation

Today, I took my niece out for her birthday outing. I've been doing this for the past few years. I never know what to get her, and I like when we hang out together. We don't get to do it enough. So we make an afternoon of it. This year, she chose to get a manicure. So I picked her up before lunch and headed to the nail salon.

We then wanted to have something for lunch and didn't want to head back home just yet. I tried to think of a whole30 friendly restaurant in Aylmer. Couldn't think of one. So we went to the grocery store to find compliant food to have on the go. She has a peanut and nut allergy. And I'm on a whole30. Choices are limited.

We did manage to find a weird combination of things (olives, green beans, prosciutto, mixed berries, juice made in store, and she wanted macaroni salad) and off we went. (I know that on whole30 we're not supposed to have juice, but I felt ok with this one because of the ingredients (mine was made with only kale, spinach, pineapple, and oranges). Not making a big deal out of it.) So we went to eat in the car at the marina looking out at the people playing in the snow. I really like these moments. We get to enjoy each other's company. :)

Now because it was for her birthday, I don't consider her present (manicure) to be betraying my "no buy" month. It wasn't for me. It was for her birthday, which was on February 23rd. We just happened to go in March. Also the fact that I got groceries instead of eating out I feel gives me extra credit.

When I drove her back, my nephew asked if he could come sleep over. He really likes his "tante Dodo". He's apparently been extra emotional this week because he's missing my dad. So I agreed. And my niece came also (although a little reluctantly) because my sister was excited at the prospect of having a date night with her common-law husband. My mom bought the kids junk food. About as extreme as last weekend. Chips, popcorn, chocolate, candy. Ugh!!! AND this is the week where I especially crave all of that junk. But I resisted. But really, it's VERY hard.

So with the kids here, I can't continue my stuff purging like I would have wanted. But sometimes, relationships have to come first. I did bring a box to my sister when I picked up my niece. It contained her scanner which she lent me a while back, and the two sheet sets that I was giving to her. So that's out of the house. Tomorrow, I'll take a few minutes and clean the bathroom and purge what I can there. It shouldn't take too long. I've done a big purge not too long ago even before I was planning my journey to simplicity.

Having my sister's kids over tonight for a sleepover wasn't planned. I put my niece in my daughter's room. I had to hide away clothes and things before I could let her go in... I REALLY need to work with my daughter to get rid of most of her things. She has waaaaaay too much stuff and can't keep her room tidy. I know, typical teenager. But her room is tiny and she has so much stuff, I doubt I could do a much better job than her. I was going to wait until I was done with the rest of the house. But this seems too urgent. We had watched a reality show on tiny homes earlier that morning. My daughter said she'd like to live in one... I'll use that as inspiration!

Huh! I didn't think I'd have much to write about tonight. I've been tired all day even though last night I had an ok night's sleep. I'll admit, it's somewhat rambling though... Anyway, that is all for day 7.


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