March 2015 recap

I know the month is not quite over yet, but I don't expect that much will change in the next 2 days. So here is my March 2015 recap.

I had given myself three challenges for the third month of the year. Continuing the decluttering, doing a second Whole30, and March was to be a "no buy" month.

I've kept decluttering and have been enjoying it. I did not see my second Whole30 through. And as for the "no buy" month, I bought things. I bought a manicure and food for my niece's birthday. On Friday March 20th, I bought my daughter and myself a night at the nail salon where we got our first ever manicure and pedicure. (Looks like she has an ingrown toenail as a result :( We need to get that checked out by the doctor.) Then I took her out for supper. And on March 22nd, I bought an ebook for $3.33 (Minimalist: A Minimalism Guide for Decluttering Your Life and Living a Wonderfully Simple Lifestyle by Kelly Ann Callahan). Although I did spend money on "unnecessary" things, I spent the money on experiences and not physical items (the ebook didn't add anything to my physical clutter).

Therefore, I consider March 2015 to be a good month. I don't really feel bad about not completing my second Whole30. I'm not completely back to how I was before my first one, so I consider that progress. I might attempt it again soon. Or something else... I also don't feel bad about the things I spent money on because they contributed to my relationships. My relationship with my niece. My relationship with my daughter. My relationship with myself. And the decluttering, that's been going well. I feel happy every time I access those places in the house that I've worked on and I see a decluttered well organized space. It's like a lovely hug I give to myself each time.

My daughter seems open to the idea of us moving after she's begun her next school year. She's all about me saving money and using those savings for us to have new experiences together. I have a little adventurer in my daughter, which is awesome!

What's in store for April? I'm not quite sure yet. Obviously more self-improvement. The decluttering will continue.

Update: I bought an $8 pair of shoes on the 31st to go dancing.


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