April challenge final update

This last part of the 30-day minimalism challenge was a bit more difficult. I kind of panicked at first. I didn't think that I could get through it. But I did!

Day 16 - 2 small shelving units, a plastic basket, 3 wire shelves, a metal rack, a chair, a plastic shelving unit, a lampshade, an under bed storage container, a desk, a long decorative shelf, a vacuum, a buffet stand, an ottoman

Day 17 - 6 shelves, a sheet of tiles, a set of Christmas lights, a mat, 7 magazines, a magazine holder

Day 18 - a magazine holder, 3 tops, 14 movies

Day 19 - 19 movies

Day 20 - 20 movies

Day 21 - 21 movies

Day 22 - 22 movies

Day 23 - This day was make-up day. Remember when I said I'd take everything out of my vanity and only put back what I was using and get rid of the rest? Well, I did it.

Day 24 - 24 more items from my vanity

Day 25 - 25 more items from my vanity

Day 26 - 26 (and a few) more items from my vanity

Day 27 - 27 movies (yes, I really got rid of 123 movies, and I still have some left...)

Day 28 - another vacuum, 26 items of clothing

Day 29 - 29 wooden hangers

Day 30 - 3 more wooden hangers, mattress, box spring, 28 books

There you have it! I ended up getting rid of more than 465 things. BUT, some of those things have yet to leave my house. Some because I haven't brought to the Salvation Army yet. Some because the people I gave the items to didn't come to pick them up (like the mattress and box spring). I'm not worried though. I know those things won't make their way back into the regular household items.

Last night, a friend came over to pick up a few items I was getting rid of. He filled up his car. Funny enough, he had actually helped me move some of that stuff from my old house to the one I'm living in now. I remarked on that fact as he was loading up his car. If only I knew then that I would be getting rid of all that stuff, I wouldn't have worked so hard to move to this house in the first place! PURGE!!

So now what? I haven't really gone through my basement yet. My mom's stuff is pretty much all over the place. I'll keep purging until I'm satisfied, or until I can bring it down a manageable level where I could get rid of 1 thing a day or so. I think that the more I do without, the more I won't feel the need to keep what I have kept. Once I feel secure in my new lifestyle, it should get a little easier. I assume...

As for my two friends who were doing it with me. One said she couldn't get through it. The other said she couldn't keep up with the days, but she will keep up with the things, and then she'll move to a 1 item a day purge. But we all were able to get rid of stuff. So I figure that we're all winners!

Tomorrow is May 1st. Will it be day 1 of YOUR 30-day minimalism game? ;)


  1. You had 3 vacuums in your house? 2 that you got rid of and one left? Wow - I've had the same vacuum for 30 years. Maybe I should have checked out your cast offs. And I definitely would have taken all your movies and the wooden hangars! Cuz that's how I roll! :) But I have gotten rid of several boxes and a few bags of stuff this month, inspired by you; at least a couple of hundred items. So maybe even though I didn't join in the challenge, I was inspired by the challenge. I'm still working at it!

    1. Well, some of the movies I'm getting rid of haven't left my home yet. So there's still time. We can talk about it! ;)

  2. And I probably would have taken the Christmas lights too for out in the backyard around the pool and deck. :0


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