April challenge mid-point update

I've been doing it, the 30-day minimalism game! Here is what I've gotten rid of so far:

Day 1 - underwear with a hole in them
Day 2 - an eyeliner and lipstick
Day 3 - deodorant that I don't like and two used mascaras
Day 4 - 4 shirts I haven't worn in over a year
Day 5 - I wanted to do more than 5 items: 2 more shirts that I haven't worn in over a year, underwear with a hole in them (yes, another... I think I'm due for new underwear...), a sock with a hole, 15 or so magazines (I forgot to count them before I threw them out but it's a year's worth of two different magazines. They were a gift to my landlord when he bought the house I'm living in and he said I could keep them)
Day 6 - 6 magazines
Day 7 - 2 sweaters and 7 plastic bowls
Day 8 - a box of trash and a carpet that have been sitting in my basement for a while, a bathing suit, and 5 sweaters
Day 9 - broken sunglasses, a measuring cup with faded measurements, a broken tong, a usb key, 1 t-shirt, 4 camisoles
Day 10 - 10 books
Day 11 - 7 nail polishes, 3 lipstick, 1 hair removal lotion
Day 12 - 4 bracelets, 5 bra clips, 1 package of facial blotting paper, a set of insoles, lip balm
Day 13 - Christmas decorations
Day 14 - More Christmas decorations
Day 15 - 2 wicker baskets, a wall clock, a mat, a curtain rod, and more Christmas decorations

Now I think the second half of the 30-day minimalism game will be a little harder. I didn't have to work hard to gather all this stuff that I got rid of. They were all just right there, sitting around wasting space. Now that I have to get rid of more things per day, I think the hard work begins. I'll have to start opening boxes and going through them and moving furniture out of the house...

I know I'm making a difference in my environment, but it doesn't feel like it yet. Aside from little reminders here and there like my linen closet that isn't cluttered anymore and a few empty shelves in my kitchen cupboards, there is still too much stuff in my house. I guess that's a good thing because it will make it that much easier to get through the 30-day minimalism game...

I've also tried to digitize my photos. I had bought an all-in-one printer-scanner-copier. I scanned 77 photos before realizing that the resolution wasn't that great. I think a dedicated scanner will be better. So I returned the all-in-one and will look into buying just a scanner in the next few days.

Let the purging continue!


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