I don’t usually give myself enough credit. I compare myself to others and think that they appear to have it way more together than me. Their lives seem more interesting than mine. I mean, look at all of what they’re doing! Then I start feeling guilty and down on myself and think “Why can’t I be like that? Why can’t I live life and take on new things?” 

I’ve mentioned this to my awesome friend Christy. She looked at me like I was crazy. Then she started listing all of the things I’ve been doing recently, which made me think of other things I’ve done.

Here’s what I’ve been up to… 

In August 2009 (I decided to start here), at the age of 35 with a 10-year old daughter, I bought a new house on my own.

I think it was in 2011, I started playing the ukulele. I still play and I try to attend monthly BUG jams. (BUG = Bytown Ukulele Group) At these BUG jams, I've lead the group in song in front at the mike (90 or so people at any given time). I've done a few solo performances at these jams too. I’ve even attended various BUG events where we’ve played a few times at the Ottawa Folk Festival, the Ottawa Grassroots Festival, and at a retirement home. I’ve also taken part in a few ukulele performances at work. One in front of the whole Branch! (I'm sure there were more than 200 people there...)
We found out in May 2013 that my daughter had been struggling in school because she has ADHD and dyscalculia. So I put up my house for sale in June 2013. I sold the house in July, and moved to a different city in August so that she could have better support in school. (She’s been thriving by the way!)
In 2013, I had attempted to do a different activity every month with my daughter. It was successful for the most part. As part of these monthly activities, I went to an Animee convention. What a strange experience! 
And throughout all of those years, I met and dated a few different men. Albeit not for very long.
At the end of last year, I had my mom move in with my daughter and I after my father passed away on October 11, 2014 (the day after his 64th birthday)
Still grieving for my father, and to help me get over a little heartbreak (short term relationship), I did a Whole30 in January 2015 which I blogged about (so I guess I became a blogger too). I met a great guy at the end of January. I got into minimalism at the end of February (which I’m still blogging about - and you’re reading it! :)). I did a no-buy month for March. I did the 30-day minimalism game in April. I started Lindy Hop swing dance classes at the end of April which will continue on through May. I broke up with the great guy at the end of April (long story which I won’t get into here). I’ve started the process to get my first ever passport. I’ve also started the process of getting a freelance French translation business going. And this is only a third of the way through the year!
So you know what, I guess things are fairly interesting in my life. If you’re anything like me and you start getting down on yourself for not “doing more”, do what I just did. Write down all that you’ve been doing. You can even start as far back as you can remember. Maybe you’ll find that your life is not as boring as you think it is!


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