Lindy hop swing dancing!

So swing dancing doesn't have much to do with minimalism, but it is part of experiencing life, which is one of my goals going through this whole minimalism thing.

A few weeks ago, I went swing dancing for the first time in my life. It's a recurring event that happens every Saturday nights. They have two types of swing dancing - West Coast swing (WCS) and Lindy Hop swing (LHS). On April 4th, I tried the WCS. It was fun and I was quite happy to be encouraged out of my comfort zone. I was in a slightly bad mood that night, but dancing cheered my right up. By the end of the night I was grinning from ear to ear! Now, in my opinion, for the WCS to look nice, the woman dancer has to move in way that I consider to be sexy. I feel too awkward yet to move that way. At least in public. But I'm open to trying it again and hope that eventually I'll either learn how to sexy dance, or learn to not care if I don't. :)

On April 18th, I tried LHS. I said if I enjoyed it, I would sign up for classes. Well, I really liked it! It's such a fun dance! And I feel more at ease dancing it, even though I have much to learn still. So, tonight I signed up for classes. :)  Six weekly classes starting on Tuesday. It is so unlike me to do this. But I'm very excited about it. And nervous. But I'm doing it! Aaaand, they have weekly assisted practise classes that I can attend for free as long as I'm signed up for regular classes. And of course the Saturday night dances. PLUS, there's another place where they have weekly Friday LHS nights. Therefore, if I wanted to, I could dance four times a week.

I want to get good dance shoes to help me be more comfortable so that I can enjoy my experience even more. I had bought cheap shoes for these evenings and figured I'd buy better (more expensive shoes) later on if I enjoyed it and planned on making this a regular event. Now don't worry, I won't go crazy and buy a whole bunch of things with the excuse that it's for dancing. I'm getting shoes. And I might get a "dance outfit" that I'd wear every week.

So, that's it! I'm getting out of my comfort zone and doing something I quite enjoy.


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