Goodbye sexy red shoes!

Goodbye sexy red shoes! Oh how I have loved you!

Look at them! Aren't they fantastic!
I fell in love with these shoes the moment I laid eyes on them. I was walking down the shoe aisle of a discount store and saw these beauties beckoning to me. I tried them on. They fit!! Woohoo! So I bought them. When I got home, I made up a song for them I loved them so much! "I love my shoes! I love my sexy shoes!" I sang it over and over again until my daughter yelled at me to stop. :)
Sadly, I've never been able to wear them for more than 5 minutes. The heals are too high for me. They hurt my ankles. I've had them for years. It's time to come to terms with the fact that I will never wear them. Therefore, I must set them free.
I've been reading The life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo which was suggested to me by my friend Laurin. One of the things the author mentions is instead of trying to pick things to get rid of, pick things to keep. Only keep the things that bring you joy. Just yesterday at work I told my awesome friend Christy that that's what I was planning to do. To go through my things and pick what I would want to bring with me if I moved. Everything else was out the door. The book inspired me and has made me feel ruthless and unapologetic in getting rid of things that no longer serve me. It reaffirmed my conviction.
Even though I had recently gone through my clothes and got rid of bags and bags of them, I went through them again and got rid of two more full size garbage bags. What I'm left with are the pieces I truly like, that fit me, and that I wear regularly.
Another thing the author recommends is not putting away seasonal clothes. We should have enough room in our closet and dressers to be able to store every item of clothing we own. I like that idea. Our weather has been cookie lately. One day it's 23 Celsius, the next, it's 5 Celsius. It's good to have easy access to the appropriate clothes for the weather of the day.
So by keeping only what I truly like and wear, I was able to get all of my seasonal clothing out of the storage bin and into my dresser and my closet, and with room to spare! Now I'll be able to see every item of clothing I own every day. There's no chance that I'll buy a duplicate because I know what I have.
It was difficult to get rid of some of the items. Even though I never wore them because they didn't fit right or were uncomfortable, I still loved them. But I love minimalism more. I love the joy of opening up my closet door or dresser drawers and seeing a tidy and organized space. It's totally worth the "heartache" of letting go.


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