Gratitude for my body

The dancing

"You're doing really well!" said my Lindy Hop dance instructor.

At Tuesday's class, the instructors danced with us so they could better tell how we were doing. I was thrilled! I had been feeling a little off during classes and was starting to think that I wasn't getting it. Even some of my dance partners were somewhat blaming me for moves not going as they should. Well, after dancing with the instructor, now I know it's not me. Good! I was getting very frustrated until then. He actually said just to be picky and find something to criticise he suggested that I could probably follow through with my turns a little more. Other than that, everything was great.

So I asked him to work on another move with me to see if it was my fault it wasn't going well. Nope, not me!

The workout

"Good job!" the trainor said to me tonight as I was doing push-ups. Who knew I could do push-ups, and do them well.

I warned him before the workout that I may end up crying and that he shouldn't worry about it. He said that it was fine, that it was going to be a tough workout and that he wants to make all of us cry. (He was kidding of course).

I didn't cry.

After the general conditioning class, I talked with him for about half an hour. He was telling me that I'm doing well. He asked which classes I would be attending and suggested a few. I'll follow his recommendation.

My body

I'm really blessed! My body is awesome. Even though I haven't been very kind to it over the years feeding it junk, not getting enough rest, being upset at the way it looks even though it's not it's fault, it's mine. Putting it through stress (some that I created myself).

Even though I haven't treated it well, every medical tests comes back with great results. When I ask it to do something, it usually does it. When I take care of it, it quickly falls in line happy that it's finally getting what it needs from me.

I know that it won't always be like this. Years of abuse will leave it too tired to be so awesome. Which is why I've been doing what I've been doing with everything this year. Whole30, minimalism, new social and physical activities - they're all part of it.

I have a feeling that tonight's workout is going to hurt tomorrow and the day after... cool!


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