I failed... again

I could only make it through 5 days of my 2nd attempt of my 2nd Whole30.

At first I was quite disappointed with myself. How could I make it through my first one, but haven't been able to get through a second one? The first time was also hard, but I was able to stick to it. Why not these last two times?

Then it dawned on me that maybe my timing was off. So I went through my history and confirmed that that was indeed the case. Although I started my first one on New Year's day which should have made it more difficult because of the tasty holiday food and drink, it was at a better time in my cycle. The last two times weren't. Cravings and moods can be quite harsh sometimes. Which is why the timing of the start date of the Whole30 can make a big difference.

A Whole30 is never easy. It takes commitment and good planning to get through it. The food industry is pretty much against you. You really have to "hunt" down the foods you can have on Whole30. There are not that many restaurants that cater to Whole30ers. The best thing is to make everything you eat from scratch. But there are times when that's difficult. Not because the task is difficult, but you have to start from a place of strength. At least, that's how it is for me.

Will I make a 3rd attempt for a 2nd Whole30? I don't know. What I do know is that I will do my best to eat a mostly clean diet. I really do want to be healthy and feed myself good foods.

Oh! Speaking of healthy... Today I took my 8-year-old nephew out for his "birthday date" with me. I prefer doing this over buying gifts. So I took him out to the Canadian Museum of Nature. We visited all four floors. We started on the ground floor checking out the fossils and dinosaurs. He was telling me facts about some of the things we saw. He named a dinosaur by his skeleton. One that I'd never heard of. This kid is so adorable and smart!

We then proceeded on to the 3rd floor. "Do you want to take the elevators or the stairs?" I asked him. "The stairs!" So up the stairs we went. Now normally, after one flight of stairs I'd be trying to catch my breath and my knees would be killing me. As I was going up I noticed that things weren't so bad. By the time we got to the 3rd floor (we visited the 4th floor after and 2nd floor last) I was a little winded, but nothing compared to how I would have been a couple of months before. The workouts are making a difference!! It was finally tangible for me!

I had been struggling with seeing the point of working out since it takes a while for the hard work to show. I knew I was getting healthier and stronger, but I think because I wasn't seeing any obvious physical results, it’s been hard to stay motivated. That changed today!

So I did fail my 2nd Whole30... again. But I'm not giving up on me. On my health. I know I'll get there.


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