I want to be cool like me!

OK, that title sounds a little ridiculous. It is. I'm just playing. But something happened tonight that I thought never would...

I went to my first general conditioning class. It was so much fun!! I was able to get through all of the exercises. I didn't expect I'd be able to. But I did it! I can't wait to go back! My legs and my glutes feel like jelly! I KNOW I'll be feeling it tomorrow. But I usually really enjoy the muscle aches after a workout. It's a good pain (in my opinion). Makes me feel more alive! lol

Anyway, after the workout, the instructor asked me what classes I'd be attending. The one I should be attending is on Wednesdays. However, for the next two Wednesdays, I have other plans and can't make it. I explained why. My daughter's music recital on one of the upcoming Wednesdays, and every 3rd Wednesday of the month, I have BUG. "Oh cool! You play the ukulele?!?!" she exclaimed. "I don't think I've ever met anyone who plays the ukulele before!" said the cute gym rat with the great smile from this past Monday. "Oh I'm sure you have, you just don't know it. We're everywhere..." I replied with a huge grin. So the female instructor said that because that was such a cool reason to miss class, I could attend another that's not part of the special.

I then told them that I'm also busy Tuesday nights (another possible workout night) with Lindy Hop swing dance. "Woah! Your life is so interesting! All we do is come here!" she said to me. ME! My life is so interesting to this cute 25-year-old gym instructor. Huh! Go figure... On the drive home from the workout, I couldn't stop smiling.

Also, today at work, a colleague of mine said I inspired him and he's now writing his own blog. (You go Howard! ;) )

I also have a date on Friday after work. A new guy. When he texted me tonight to confirm, I told him I had just got back from a conditioning class. "Workout class?! Cool! You seem active!" I guess I am... now.

Now about this new guy. It's not that the last guy didn't mean anything. He actually meant more to me than I expected him to. And I miss being with him. But it seems as though it wasn't meant to be (any longer than what it was). I must move on. So I am. I'm not expecting anything more than a good conversation with a (hopefully) nice guy (which is actually the only thing I was expecting with the last guy, but it turned into more). This new guy's a translator working for the government. I wonder what cool things I might learn from him...


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