Just say it!

We've all heard the saying "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all". But what if you do have something nice to say. Do you say it?

I remember when I was a teen, I had these cool friends. I never had to announce that I was coming for a visit. I'd just show up. They always welcomed me. They ended up graduating from university and went back home. One was from Calgary, one was from Portugal. This was way before the internet as we know it and Facebook. We hadn't exchanged contact information. So we lost touch after they moved. I never told them how much I appreciated them. I know they knew, but I would have wanted to tell them out loud. After that, I resolved to always be forthcoming with nice comments. 

Last night I was feeling kind of low. Suddenly, my cell phone vibrates with a kind message from a friend. A few words of encouragement. I'm sure he had no idea that I needed those kind words. He just felt compelled to share his thoughts with me. When I thanked him and told him I needed those kind words he said "I find that the world is not so encouraging, so I try to reverse the trend".
So don't waste an opportunity. Who knows, your nice little comment could make someone's day!


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