More... to get rid of
I've done the 30-day minimalism game and got rid of many things. But I want to get rid of more!! I'm reconsidering the things I kept in my vanity. I was trying to think what I'd bring with me if I were to go on a trip. Surprisingly, not much. SO I'll do another 30 day experiment. I'll take everything out again and just chose the things I'd bring with me on a trip. If I don't miss any of the things I put away, they're gone! No going back this time. I pretty much always chose the same makeup to wear anyway. Eyeliner (with eye shadow sometimes), mascara, and lipstick. Same colour of lipstick too. Other colours are nice, but really not necessary. So, (even though it kind of pains me to say this), they're gone. I'm sure it'll be nice not to worry about what to put on my face.

My awesome friend Christy has this "day of the week" outfit set up. Basically, every season she prepares an outfit for each day of the week and that's what she wears. Monday has an outfit, Tuesday has an outfit, and so on. I've done this too. It's quite freeing! But I let things go in that area. So I'm reigning it back in. I'll set up my day of the week wardrobe and stick to that.

Any "fantasy me" clothes will be gone. The things I bought hoping I'd lose weight to fit into them - I'll get rid of them. Even if I'm taking better care of what foods I put in my body and expect to lose weight, I don't want the clutter of the "some day I'll fit in this" clothes. Plus, if I'm building a minimalist wardrobe, most of those things wouldn't make the cut anyway.

I really want to find the "perfect" minimal amount of clothing that works for my lifestyle. I just read a blog called Project 333, and it inspired me. I don't know that I could actually follow it, but I'll give it a shot. It's basically that you live with only 33 items of clothing including shoes and jewelry for 3 months (so basically per season). It doesn't include underwear and workout clothes. And some items can be worn year-round.

I've been pondering the minimalist wardrobe idea for years now, even before I started my journey to simplicity. It's time I take action!

I've "warned" my daughter that tomorrow we'll be attacking her clothing situation. She's not happy about it, but I bribed her saying that once we're done, we could go summer clothes shopping for her.

Cute thing - when I got home tonight, she asked if we could go Lindy Hopping. I wasn't in the mood for it tonight, but suggested we go tomorrow instead. So that's what I'll be up to tomorrow night - swing dancing with my little girl! :)

Tiny habits update
I've been sticking to the morning smoothie routine, but haven't always included the side of sulphur rich vegetables. And as for the bed making and the counter wiping, they're being complied with every morning. Pondering my next habit in both areas.

Make it happen update
We had our passport photos done yesterday. Now I just need to finalize filling out the form and getting my things ready to go apply for it.

I've found a seemingly good website to help me learn about becoming a freelance translator. I've started work on my website. I'm at the point where I'm struggling a bit to get it just right, but I know I'll figure it out.

I may be starting the kettle bell workouts on Monday. I've found a gym in my part of the city that offers weekly classes during the summer. I think during the rest of the year it may be twice a week, but once a week will be a good start. And if I get a kettle bell, I could workout at home using the exercises they'll be teaching me.

It's been a difficult week for me emotionally for many different reasons, but I got through it. Kind words of support from my awesome friends Christy and Susan helped. And writing the blog post tonight is helping me too. Even though I didn't feel like it, I kept going with everything this week. I'm glad I did, especially when I see it written out like this. Progress!


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