Signed up to the wrong gym, and I'm totally fine with it!

Something weird happened. Last Friday, I researched kettlebell classes. I thought I had found something promising. I filled out an online request for information form and was communicating with a woman. This afternoon she invited me to come over tonight at 6:30 to try a free class and I could sign up after if I liked it. So off I went last minute to go try the class.

I arrived at the gym that was advertised on the website. There was no one that worked there by the name of the woman I was communicating with by email. I showed the guy at the counter the email exchange and the website I checked out. He said it was their old name but didn't understand what happened and had no idea who I was communicating with.

"Alright then, can you give me information about your gym?" I asked. "Sure!" he replied flashing a charming smile and sweet blue eyes. Adorable young blonde curly haired buff gym rat! Super friendly and excited about the gym, he proceeded to give me all of the information he could think of in an extremely rapid pace. As he was speaking to me, I was looking around at the class in session on one side of the gym. The women working out seemed as out of shape as me, and some were definitely older. That made me more comfortable.

I then looked over at the weights side of the room. Super fit men and women were working out. Patrons and staff seemed very friendly. I've never really been one for gyms, but since doing the swing dance classes, I'm craving other group exercise activities. Meeting new people and getting fit at the same time seems like something that would be good for me.

"So, any questions?" he asked flashing that smile again. I'm not sure I remember or understood everything, but I ended up signing up for a month trial for less than $34 tax included. I'm starting Wednesday attending an orientation class. I'll be doing a general conditioning class that incorporates kettlebell training. They also have dedicated kettlebell classes I'll be able to attend if I want to.

Last year, there's no way I would have gone into a gym like that. And if I did and was confronted to the same situation I would have walked away. But tonight, I just went with it and signed up. I'm making it happen for myself!


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