The DVDs

As I mentioned in my April 30-day minimalism game challenge, I got rid of 123 DVDs. I've kept 70. Of the ones I kept, some I chose, some my daughter chose.

The criteria I used to choose my keepers: if I watch the DVDs a few times a year, I've kept them. Otherwise, they're gone. 

If the mood strikes me to watch a DVD I've gotten rid of, I can either borrow it from a family member or a friend, or I can most likely rent it online. They're not worth the real estate or the time and effort to keep them dust free. 

For the ones I've kept: if we watch them often enough, then renting them online could get quite expensive. In my opinion, they're worth holding on to... for now. 

I've gotten rid of so many books and DVDs that I can get rid of a bookcase and keep anything that's left in only one of them. So I'm getting rid of a bookcase too. It will be going to my mom who'll use it in her new apartment when she moves in August or September-ish. 



You can see I have many CDs in my bookcase too. I will digitize all of them and get rid of the hard copies. Same goes for the photo albums.

That laptop on the bottom shelf, I'll go through it and transfer files. Once done, I'm going to get rid of that too. As for the books, my plan for most of them is to get rid of them once I've read them. I think that even this bookcase will be too big for what'll be left over. I may get rid of that one too and find a smaller alternative in the furniture I already own. I have a couple of ideas...

Minimalism is so much fun and liberating! Try it and see!


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