The first real workout and the date

I went to my first REAL general conditioning class this morning. "Welcome ladies!" fist bump from the owner.

The class I went to on Wednesday was just an assessment type class. This morning's hour long class was tough! I loved it, but it was tough.

I was able to get through the warm up. Then we got to the nitty-gritty of the workout. I managed to get through one round of the three round set the trainor wanted us to get through. 25 jumping jacks, 10 plank saws, 15 kettle-bell swings (with a 12 kg k-bell), another 10 plank saws, 10 push-ups, yet another 10 plank saws, 5 pulsing squats with the 12 kg k-bell. There were other things too. Many other things. At some points my vision darkened. I've never fainted before. I didn't today, but I think if I didn't listen to my body and pushed past the darkening vision instead of taking a breather, I may have experienced that today.

The instructor came to check up on me and encourage me. She said I was doing great, especially for a first-timer. I told her I felt like crying. She asked why. Then I burst into tears. Ridiculous! I wasn't feeling sad at all. I was actually surprised and proud of myself for doing as much as I was doing. I've never been the workout type. She said it was normal. That because I'm pushing my body, I'm releasing tension and hormones and that can make people emotional. She compared it to really good sex. How sometimes after great sex we can feel like crying and we don't know why. I thought it was a funny comparison and laughed, but it also made total sense to me.

After the class as I was walking out the owner asked how things went for me. "So, how's it going kiddo?" (I like being called kiddo by this big burly polar bear type man!) I told him what I went through. He gave me words of encouragement. "You hit the wall at one point, you took a breather and got right back into it. You should be proud." "Yeah, and I cried like a little girl!" "Hey! I cry like a little girl when I workout!" So cute!! He proceeded to encourage me. I felt like hugging him. He's a very huggable looking man.

I got into my car, and cried all the way home. Still not sad, but just letting the tears out. I've got a new blister on my elbow from the plank saws. I'm looking forward to going back on Monday!

Now about the date...

Online dating is so weird to me, even though I've been doing it off and on for years. Two random strangers start exchanging messages, decide to meet up and see if there's a connection to possibly pair up for life. I know not everyone is looking for a lifetime partner. Some are looking for shorter term relationships or even fun for just a night. I've dated many men that I've met through online dating websites and rarely felt a real connection. Some I've remained somewhat friendly with in the virtual world. Others I've never seen or heard from again, and that's a very good thing!

What's my point... well, I went on that first date last night with the new guy (lets call him Translator... because he is one)... It went well enough. The conversation was easy. We have a few things in common. Music. Reading topics. And on the more morbid side of things, Translator's dad has COPD. We talked about my dad and his struggle with it before he passed away in October 2014.

After wings and a couple of drinks, we went for a walk. When Translator took my hand as we were walking, I felt like I was cheating on the last guy. Ridiculous, I know. It may have been the stranger awkwardness. It may have been the unresolved feelings for the last guy... Now it did take me about 3 dates to fall for the last guy. So I guess I shouldn't dismiss Translator just yet.

I feel that I'm in a weird place right now. I'm in a place where I'm really liking the woman I'm becoming. I'm excited about all of the things I'm doing. About my new "life". Remember, I want to be cool like me! hehehe  But I'm also not completely over the last guy. Maybe it was too soon to go on a date with someone new...

So what now? Well I'll keep on keeping on. I'm definitely continuing with minimalism. After this month is over, there's a strong possibility that I'll sign up to the gym. I'll finish my Lindy Hop classes. I'll continue playing my ukulele. I'll continue reading and growing. I'll pursue my freelance translation business dream. And I'll let things happen as they will with the dating thing.


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