Forced rest

Forced rest can be frustrating.

I hurt my lower back this last Thursday at my last workout. Now I have difficulty walking. I hoped that I could finally tackle the basement this weekend. But that wasn't possible.

To keep the momentum going, I decided to buy a photo scanner this morning even though this was supposed to be a no-buy month. I'm okay with this decision because the scanner that I wanted to buy is currently on sale. Also, since I can't do anything physical, scanning my photos was a good compromise. It was on my To-Do list. 

I'm pretty happy with the scanner I bought. I can scan multiple photos at a time and the software saves each photo individually. Saves time. I was able to scan over 250 photos this morning. I have a few more hundred to go...

                                                                  4-year-old me!

When I went to get the scanner, I also saw an external DVD drive to hook up to my laptop (which doesn't have one built in). It too was on sale. So I got it. I want to digitize all my CDs also. 

Now a beautiful Saturday can't be all about work (even though the work is well worth it), so my daughter and I drove over to my awesome friend Christy's place to visit with her and her little family.

I'm happy with how my day went. Yes I was sore and couldn't do what I had planned to do, but I did get many of my photos scanned and a dozen or so CDs digitized. AND, I spent time with people I care very much about.


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