Learn it. Change it. Change yourself. Move on.

At every job I've had, there were unhappy people. Some complain regularly about how some aspect of the job they have is somehow "defective". They don't like what they do. They don't like who they work with. They don't like a certain task. They don't like something about it.

I sometimes let myself slide into that behaviour. I sometimes complain about my situation instead of doing something about it. Then I remember what I've learned throughout my years of working. Learn it. Change it. Change yourself. Move on.

Learn it
When I start a new job, the first thing I do is learn what it is. Depending on the complexity of the job, that's either done quickly over a few weeks or it can take longer like up to a year. Once I feel comfortable enough in my job where I can "fly on my own", that's usually when issues start creeping up. Maybe there's a certain task I don't enjoy. Maybe the salary is not worthy of the work. Maybe someone I work with is difficult to deal with. Whatever it is, there may come a point where the issue bothers me too much and something's gotta give.

Change it
If there are things about the job I don't like, I try to change them. I might come up with what I believe are real solutions to a problem and propose my ideas to my boss. If it's something that has no real impact on the business, something that really only affects me, I might just try my idea to see if it works and then discuss it with my boss if I think that others might benefit from my solution. Whatever it is, I'll try to change things to suit me.

However, there might be an aspect of the job that can't be changed. Now what?

Change myself
This is when I'll try to change myself. I'll try to accept it. I'll try to adapt. I'll try to take on a different attitude towards whatever the issue is. Sometimes just changing the way you think about something makes it tolerable, maybe even enjoyable. The issue might actually be something that's good for you. I'll try to change myself to suit the job.

Sometimes, that's not possible. Changing myself might mean that I'm compromising myself too much. If that's the case, there's only one thing left to do...

Move on
That's when I'll move on and find another job. I'll change my circumstances.

Life is way too short to stay stuck in whatever circumstance that's making you miserable. You can't keep complaining about it either. Your negative attitude will affect those around you, and that's not fair. Learn it. Change it. Change yourself. And if all else fails, move on!


  1. Just wanted to let you know how much I'm enjoying your blog. DAFC

    1. Thank you for kind words! I'm glad you're enjoying my writing!


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