Oh how my dreams have changed!

A few years ago, my dream was to own a single family home with an English garden inspired backyard, a big kitchen with tons of storage, a media room where I could watch movies and listen to music, one or two guest rooms and a library/study with hundreds maybe even thousands of books.

I used to watch all of the home themed TV shows. Renovations. Buying. Decorating. I was into all of them. They fueled my dreams.

Now even though I had those "dreams of ownership", once in a while I'd start to feel the desire to get rid of everything and start fresh. I had once seen a movie on Mother Theresa's life and I thought her simple room that had just a bed, a nightstand, a lamp, a crucifix and a bible seemed just lovely. I don't think I'll go to that extreme, but I'm finally giving myself permission to go with that feeling and it's the first time I feel this right about a decision. 

Today, if I happen upon one of those shows that I used to watch almost religiously, it all seems almost obscene to me. I just see slavery to stuff. The money, the care and the time that must be spent on these possessions...

Now I watch shows like Departures where the guys travel the world for a year with just what they can carry with them and that seems thrilling and freeing to me. I read blogs like The Minimalists and Miss Minimalist, and I just want to set myself free of everything. I read  James Clear's blog and watch various TED Talks and I want to better myself, try new things and follow my dreams.

Yes, my dreams have changed. They seem more exciting to me than any of my previous dreams. They seem more possible to me than any of my previous dreams. Let's see how many of them I can make happen!


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