The qualities of your faults

I recently had a job interview. The job involved interacting with many different people, and some from a different country, a different culture, a different way of doing business. It was going to be a challenging rewarding high-pressure job.

My interviewer asked me which aspects of group work I enjoyed the most, and which aspects I enjoyed the least, what I might need help with. I paused for a few seconds and answered "It would have to be the same answer to both. You can learn so much from working with many different people. The different personalities and points of view can open your eyes and enrich you. And working with many different people can be frustrating BECAUSE they have different personalities and points of views." "Good answer! I like your honesty!" she said.

I truly believe this though. And not just about working in a group. I believe this about qualities and faults. My mother often says "We have the qualities of our faults". I have to agree. Think about it...

You might meet someone who's very opinionated. She might argue with you. Challenge your beliefs. But instead of getting upset with this person, try to learn from her. It doesn't mean that she's right. She may be terribly wrong. But look at that passion! Do you care enough about something to defend it with such conviction?

You might meet a very caring man. He makes you feel like you can ask him for a favour any time and he'll drop everything to be there. You envy his selflessness. You wish you were as giving as he is. But he's running himself ragged trying to please everyone. He suffers great anxiety because he really can't be there for everyone all the time.

After the interview was over, I started to regret applying for the job. Even though it seemed like an interesting and challenging job in which I could learn much and grow, it would have delayed me from working towards the life I want to lead for a few different reasons. Luckily, I didn't get the job. Life has other plans for me!

So remember that something that seems good for you could become bad, and something that seems bad might be the best thing for you.

A quality can become a fault, and a perceived fault may actually be a great quality!


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