Workout motivation

I've found a new motivation for working out. I've been watching Departures on Netflix. Canadians Scott Wilson and Justin Lukach travel the world with their camera man André Dupuis.

These guys are young (28 in 2008) and fit. I can see how that is a great asset for travel. Especially the way they do it. They don't go to just see the regular tourist areas. They immerse themselves into the country where the natives live. They go into deserts, walk through forests, climb mountains, hand glide, visit ruins, climb trees and bathe in waterfalls. I can definitely appreciate how being fit really helps with stamina and being able to go where they go. Not that I necessarily want to do what they've done, but being able to walk for hours, climb stairs and walk up hills would be great.

Like I've mentioned before, recently I've been having this fantasy where once my daughter graduates high school we would travel the world together for a year. If I want to be able to do that and enjoy it, I really feel like I need to get fit. I can make great changes in 3 years.

This wouldn't just be for travel. I want to experience life here also. Kayaking, zip-lining, hiking, maybe even bungee jumping!

Now again, working out is not about weight loss. Weight loss will be a happy side effect. It's about getting fit and healthy so that I can really experience life to the fullest.

Oh how I hope I can keep this feeling of motivation!


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