Another spontaneous summer

"Get dressed, I'm coming to pick you up!" It was late. I was already in bed, texting with Dr. T and telling him how lovely it would be to go stargazing. It was a nice warm night. So he made it happen. My first instinct was to tell him no. That it was too late. That I had to go to work the next day. That we could go another time. Instead, I went with it.

I really enjoy spending time with people like Dr. T. People that just make things happen. People that get me out of my way. I've been working on becoming one of these people. And why not, right?

I was trying to figure out what's taken me so long to take action because, you know, I'm always trying to analyse things. But the thing is, it doesn't really matter why. What matters is that I'm making changes now because I want to make changes. Of course I wish I could've been like this all along, but there's nothing I can do to change the past. I can do something about the present though, so that my future past will be more interesting.

The less things I have in the way (stuff, inhibitions, expectations, false sense of responsibility to others), the more I find myself wanting to get out there and make things happen for myself. It doesn't always come easy. I get these ideas and almost immediately feel like maybe I shouldn't. Like it's too late. Or I've never done it before. Or people like me don't do things like that. Or whatever other reason. But then I think of people like my first spontaneous summer guy, like Dr. T, and other such spontaneous people I've had the pleasure of meeting and ask myself, why not? I usually can't come up with a really good answer as to why not except maybe the discomfort of feeling a little anxious about the unknown. However, as I've mentioned, most times things are not as intimidating as I expect. 

So here's to another spontaneous summer! No! Here's to creating a more spontaneous life!!

Photo taken before heading out for a boat ride with Dr. T on a very hot Wednesday evening in the same week as the stargazing evening. This boat ride was planned, and it was also a lovely time.


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