Preparing for the move - part 3

Tuesday - 23 days before the move
I spray-painted the drawer-pulls. I'm satisfied with the results. Boy am I glad I didn't throw them out expecting to easily replace them! It ended up costing me $12.40 instead of possibly $100 or more for 18 new drawer pulls.

I also went clothes shopping with my daughter. Some of it was for my minimalist wardrobe. Some of it was for my daughter's back to school clothes. 

Thursday - 21 days before the move 
I called to have my internet service moved. I tried to set that up before, but apparently a few days more than a month before a move is too soon. I really didn't like my customer service experience when I called today. The representative kept trying to upsell me, somewhat argued with my assessment of our internet usage, and was not very professional in the way she addressed me. So since I was considering changing providers anyway, that was the extra push I needed to switch over. Hopefully, the new service provider will be better.

So far, the customer service experience when I ordered with the new provider was most excellent and professional. I think if they wouldn't have been, I would've considered forgoing having internet at home altogether. Oh, but the thought of no home internet is somewhat alluring... We are just a 5-minute walk from a café that has free Wi-Fi... But to my daughter's delight, we'll have home internet... for now.

Friday - 20 days before the move
My mom and I spent the day in various stores pricing items for our respective new homes. Neither of us bought anything. We just wanted to see what's out there and take our time to contemplate our choices. No impulse purchases for us.

In the evening, I was feeling a little restless. I needed to get out. So I took my daughter and my mom to see the Northern Lights show on Parliament Hill. It's a really nice show! We parked at the condo and walked over. It gave us a feel for what it will be like to live downtown. My daughter's very excited about it. On the walk over to Parliament Hill, I ran into friends sitting out on a patio at a pub on my new street.

Saturday - 19 days before the move
I worked on the basement. I'm almost done. There are a few little things here and there to take care of. Boxes of items to donate. Many empty bins and baskets that I have no use for anymore. I could almost open up my own container store!

The basement items I decided to bring with us to the new place are:
  1. The tools and a few painting supplies
  2. A couple pairs of ice skates
  3. A portfolio containing my old artwork from when I was a teen (I'll probably get rid of it soon)
  4. My two mid-century dressers
  5. Two boxes of framed pictures and a couple of ukuleles (I'll sort through it once we're in the new place)
  6. A bin with two bike helmets and a life-jacket for kayaking
  7. A bag with a mattress cover and a few pillows (I haven't quite decided on my living room colours yet. Once I've figured it out, if I'm not using the pillows, they're gone!)
  8. Audio equipment (I will probably get rid of these also soon)
  9. Board games
  10. An antique Singer sewing machine
  11. A box of winter boots
Sunday - 18 days before the move 
I dropped off the basement items I wanted to donate. I then packed up my records, the items in the dining room cabinet, and my office stuff. I cleaned out the laundry room and got rid of a few random things.

I'm having mixed feelings. Going through everything and packing stuff up for the move is causing me a little stress. I realize that I still have things to work through. Why am I keeping what I'm keeping even though I know that I won't use some (possibly many) of these items? I'm starting to reconsider some of my decisions. However, I also realize as I'm looking at it all that I really made significant progress. I really do have SO much less than what I did when I moved into this townhouse back in August 2013.

Perhaps I'll do what the Minimalists did. One of the Minimalists guys packed up all of his belongings (even though he wasn't moving) and then only unpacked what he needed over a few weeks. Three weeks later, he got rid of what was still left in the boxes. I have to pack up anyway because of the move. So I might just skip the unpacking everything at once part. I would most likely give myself more than 3 weeks though. Oh man! Imagine what little I'd be left with. It's kind of exciting to think about!

Photos taken during the Northern Lights show on Parliament Hill


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