Saturday morning at the café

On Saturday (and Sunday) morning, I went to a local café to use their free Wi-Fi. We got near to the end of our internet service allowance at home, so to make sure we didn’t go over (because there’s no way I’m paying for extra usage) I unplugged my modem. But I still needed the internet to get stuff done, like this blog post. So out to the café I went!

Remember when I talked about possibly making a freelance translation business deal? Well it went through! I’ll be collaborating with a professional writer by providing freelance translation services to his clients. He asked me to prepare a few words to post on his website to introduce myself and he asked me to prepare a translation sample to also post on the website. So I needed the internet for this as well.

I actually enjoyed working in the café. I got there very early. There were only two other people there when I arrived. I was working away when a large group of women ended up sitting right beside me. It seemed to be a sort of social business meeting. I was afraid they’d distract me because they were actually speaking somewhat loudly. But I was able to tune them out and concentrate on my work.

I had been considering buying a new laptop to use when writing away from home. I thought that my current laptop would have been inconveniently big for such a purpose. I’m glad I didn’t buy a new one. My current one worked just fine. I guess the lesson for me here is to actually test out my theories, if possible, before making a decision. Buying a new laptop would have been an unnecessary expense.

From time to time, I take a step back and look at my life as if from the outside. When I’ve done that lately, I’ve been enthralled with everything that’s been happening this year. And the year’s not even over yet! I’m taking chances and going for things I've never gone for before.

Even though I do feel some anxiety about trying new things, I’m doing it anyway and finding that the anxiety seems to be a lie I’ve been telling myself. These things haven’t been as scary as I expected them to be. Some things I had built up so much in my mind, but they turned out to be disappointingly ordinary when I finally experienced them, such as crossing the border. In all fairness, I didn’t pick the most exciting border to cross or the most exciting first trip. But I think that the fact that it was so ordinary is actually a very good thing. Now I’m willing to take another trip to a more exotic destination… like New York, New York, maybe? ;)

Life becomes way more interesting when you seek it out. And the thing is, you really don’t even have to go too far. The things that I’m most excited about actually sort of came to me. I just needed to say yes and go for it. For the freelance translation – all I did was read an email I received about a writing business from a member of a business Meet Up group. I dared to email the sender offering my services as a freelance translator, and he went for it. The downtown condo – all I did was message the man from whom I rent a parking spot near my work to ask why the payment hadn’t gone through yet and he asked if I knew of anyone interested in renting the 2-bedroom condo in the same building, so I went for it.

I feel that with pursuing minimalism and letting go of the things, the past and of my expectations for the future, I’ve opened myself up to new possibilities. Maybe I could have opened myself up to these things without minimalism, but I feel that minimalism definitely contributed to making things happen much sooner. Why? Maybe because I don’t feel as tied down by things. Maybe because I feel calmer. Maybe because I feel less overwhelmed about maintaining so much stuff. One thing I know for sure, I’m enjoying my new attitude and it’s leading to a more interesting life!


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