Preparing for the move - part 4

Monday - 17 days before the move 
I had plans to pack up some rarely used kitchen items. Instead, I had a really lovely long telephone conversation with an old high school friend I hadn't talked to since graduation 25 years ago! Catching up with him was well worth postponing the packing!

Tuesday - 16 days before the move 
I got the keys for the condo. I'm happy with my colour choices for the walls. :)

In the evening, I helped my daughter with her room. We're not done yet, but we did make a significant dent in the amount of items she had. I also did a little work in my room since there was supposed to be a showing at the townhouse the next day.

Wednesday - 15 days before the move
Before leaving for work, I packed up the car with a few things to donate.

During lunch time, my awesome friend Christy, Paul and his brother John came with me to check out the condo. They all approved of my new living space, and apparently we'll be having regular lunches at the condo once I'm settled in. The guys asked if I'll be serving them soups and mentioned that they also like stews. I may have to charge them... ;)

Thursday - 14 days before the move
I dropped off some of the winter gear and a couple of folding lawn chairs at the condo.

Friday - 13 days before the move
Before leaving for work, I packed up the car with cleaning gear. I cleaned the condo after work while I waited for my daughter to come meet me after school. It took me an hour to clean a quarter of the kitchen cupboards. It was grungier than I expected it to be.

We then went to get the bed frame I was checking out. I don't want my mattress set to be on the floor as it's been since my mom moved in with us back in November 2014. I'm not keeping the bed frame I let my mom use while she was living with us. She'll be using it in her guest room. Unfortunately the bed frame I wanted was out of stock. So now I have to figure something else out. I did get a few other items for the condo - curtain rods (because my old ones won't work in the new place), curtains, and a new bedspread for my daughter. We went back to the condo to drop it all off.

In the evening Dr. T fixed my daughter's bedroom door at the condo and then we went on a long walk and he showed me around my new neighbourhood. 

Saturday - 12 days before the move
I brought over my record player and records, and a few other boxes. When I got to the condo, I put on a record and got back to cleaning the kitchen cupboards. I love being alone in an almost empty living space. It feels exciting just thinking about the possibilities of how the space will be decorated and the moments we'll experience there... Plus the acoustics are awesome for singing! :)

I brought my laptop with me to start my inventory. I've decided to create a spreadsheet listing everything I own. Instead of just unpacking as needed, I've decided to list it all. Then I'll regularly highlight what I've used on the list. This way, I'll be able to see after a while if I have things I haven't used. Whatever I haven't used, and if I don't truly enjoy it, I'll get rid of. (You don't use a painting... you enjoy it) I haven't decided how long I'll wait before getting rid of whatever I didn't use. A month? 3 months? 6 months? A year? It might depend on the item. We shall see.

Sunday - 11 days before the move
I brought over more boxes and continued the cleaning. Then I drove my mom to a couple of stores where she bought a few items she wanted for her new place.

Monday - 10 days before the move
More cleaning and I was able to fix and clean the windows in my daughter's bedroom.

Tuesday - 9 days before the move
More cleaning.

Wednesday - 8 days before the move
I wasn't feeling well, so I rested. I slept a lot.

Thursday - 7 days before the move
We went curtain shopping. In the evening, a friend was supposed to pick up the furniture I'm getting rid of, but unfortunately he had to reschedule. I'm starting to get anxious about that. I don't want to wait until the last minute to get the items out.

These past two weeks were busy. I expect that the next days before the move will be very busy also. Running errands. Cleaning. Packing. Unpacking. Planning. I was a little disappointed that things didn't really happen as planned. But then it doesn't really matter. I've pared down my possessions so much that I can afford to take my time bringing them over, even though delaying makes me a little nervous. And if I don't get around to bringing them over, the movers will be more than happy to do so. Life happens. I just have to roll with it. And that really is way easier when things in my life are simple (for the most part). But I suppose how simple they are is up to me and my attitude towards it all... I'm getting there...


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