Thirty-one things - Results

I did it. I got rid of my 31 items for the month of October, and another 9 items because I added face cloths, a cordless phone, a couch, a dining room table, four dining room chairs, and an area rug to the condo.

I definitely want to keep going with the purging. Like pretty much anyone living the minimalism lifestyle will tell you, you really never stop purging. Things have a way of sneaking into your life/environment. It's always good to go through everything regularly to reassess their usefulness to you. I'm not necessarily going to reassess everything daily, but anytime I come across something I forgot I had I'll definitely immediately reconsider keeping it.

Here are photos of the items I got rid of during the month. Each photo counts as one thing even though in some of them, there are multiple items (like the 4 measuring cups I counted as 1 item). Some of these items look a little weird. So for you curious folk, here is a list of the items in order of appearance.
  1. mug
  2. trash can
  3. plastic pitcher 
  4. towels
  5. Santa figurine (approximately 2-feet tall)
  6. assorted coloured pens
  7. measuring cups
  8. the trash bin part of a paper shredder I used to have
  9. sheets for a single sized mattress
  10. single sized inflatable mattress
  11. wall decoration (approximately 3-feet x 3-feet)
  12. hairdryer diffuser
  13. shower curtain
  14. face cloths
  15. green ukulele
  16. "skulls" ukulele
  17. orange sheer curtains
  18. blanket
  19. tongs
  20. desk organizer (I brought that to work though, but it's out of my home)
  21. sewing kit
  22. folding brush
  23. shoes
  24. orphaned socks
  25. key chain
  26. wooden earrings I've never worn
  27. more earrings I've never worn
  28. purse
  29. keyboard 
  30. over the door hooks
  31. blouse 
  32. cutting board
  33. body lotion (I had to put it into this glass container because the original bottle was broken. Now it's discoloured and gross.)
  34. knife block
  35. necklace
  36. binder rings
  37. purse
  38. jeans
  39. plastic bins
  40. scarves
  41. belt
  42. jacket (My daughter wanted to keep the "skulls" ukulele, so this is the bonus item she's getting rid of to justify keeping the "skulls" ukulele)
So it was more difficult this time around. It was somewhat a quest to find the items to give away. It was easy until the ukuleles. From then on, I really had to work at it. I suppose that's a good thing. It means I have way less items that I don't really value.

Getting rid of the ukuleles was difficult for me. However, I never play those. I have 4 others that I'm keeping (3 better ones and my first ever). They're all beautiful to me in their own way, even the ones I'm letting go of. But realistically, I'll never play those. I suppose I could use them as decorations... But no, I've given them away.
I know the month isn't over yet. Tomorrow's the last day. But today is posting day. So I'm sharing my results now and added the required item for tomorrow.

I highly recommend going through this exercise.


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