Urbanite chronicles - one

I've been living downtown for 25 days now. This is day number 26. Being in this condo has been taking some getting use to. I keep wavering between being happy with my choice, to regretting it. Maybe I was too hasty in my choice of location. But then being so close to work is pretty awesome! And being close to Chinatown is kind of nice. But I think there might be neighbourhoods we'd enjoy more. Like I've mentioned before, I just have to stay here for a year. After that, I'm free to move. And I just might...

The weekend of October 3rd and 4th was the first weekend in a long while where I didn't have anything planned. It felt a little odd. My daughter Cat and I went kitchen table shopping on Saturday. We walked along hipster-lined Wellington street in Hintonburg. One of the stores was filled with the kind of used furniture I absolutely love! But everything was very expensive. One of the kitchen tables I wanted was over $1300 and the chairs were $300 each. I really can't afford that at the moment. So instead, I settled for a much less expensive mass-produced table. Getting the table contributed to making the condo feel a little more like a home.

Sunday morning, Cat and I walked over to a local café for breakfast. It's a very cute place where I can imagine myself hanging out. However, the breakfasts we had were overpriced. Now we know. We then walked in Chinatown.

Adapting hasn't been as easy as I expected it to be, and the stress of it had me feeling pretty low until the beginning of last week. On Monday and Wednesday, I talked to a few coworkers who also live downtown. They all said it took them about a year to get used to being downtown and come up with their own routines. They gave me suggestions on where to go for groceries, restaurants and activities. It actually helped me feel better to hear about their experience.

This past weekend I was in much better spirits. I planned my meals for the first half of this week. Getting into a dietary routine helps me feel more grounded. The whole being in control of something thing. And of course, it will help with my fitness challenge.

I had my nephew over for his first sleepover at the condo on Friday night. Then Saturday I took him out for breakfast and to explore Bank street. I figured he'd really like going to the comic book store. We then spent a little time at the park. I went shopping with my mom for a few things for our places late afternoon/early evening. I bought dining room chairs that I'll get in a couple of weeks.

On Sunday I treated myself to a massage at a spa that's a 6-minute walk away from my place. It was so nice not to have to drive home after. I just moseyed on back home. Then it was a mani-pedi in the afternoon before going to a family supper.

I've found that opening up to people about the things I was going through really helped me to let go of my worries and stress. They offered up their own stories and made suggestions which made everything feel like less of an issue. Although it is taking more time than I expected to get used to the new place, I have a feeling I'll feel more at home here than I ever did anywhere else as an adult.


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