Downward trend of moving costs

I like concrete facts and figures that show me my progress in any aspect of my life, whether it's tracking the distance I cover when I go for a walk, to the money I've spent in a day. I was reading an article by James Clear in which he wrote: "Data improves awareness and awareness is the first step to behavior change"[1]. So I think that this particular aspect of my personality can serve me well, as long as it doesn't become an obsession of course... which I doubt it would.

I was sorting through my personal paperwork the other day and came across my 2013 and 2015 moving bills. I hired the same company for both moves. In 2013, I paid the company a little over $1,200 for their moving services. In 2015, I paid them a little less than $500. A bit of a difference, no?

It shocked me to see how significant a change I made since February. I knew it was less for this year's move than it had been for the previous one, but this was a bigger variance than I remembered. I mean, I know I own way less than I did... I can see it. But this is another way to measure the progress.

I do still want to keep going. Experimenting with how much I own in different categories of things (kitchenware, clothes, furniture...). I've noticed that there are some things I haven't used since I've moved that I think I may not use any time soon. So I'll probably let them go before the end of my lease.

I'm almost looking forward to my next move to see if I can keep costs about the same or even reduced. However, they might be a little higher because next time I plan on using the company to move ALL of my possessions, not just the heavier bigger pieces. So if I can get organized well enough for that to happen and still keep my costs below $1,200, that would be fine by me!


1. Feedback Loops: How to Master the Invisible Hand That Shapes Our Lives by James Clear


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