Searching for quality

Remember when I wrote about settling? I mentioned how I couldn't always afford what I really wanted so I sometimes settle for something less expensive.

Well there's another issue that makes finding what you want frustrating. Quality!

Sometimes I do have the necessary resources for the right thing, but no matter how much I search, I can't find it.

Companies seem to be so concerned about cutting costs and being the ones we buy from. Their products have to be available before we get it from someone else. Who has time for quality!? Production, distribution, and profit at any cost! Right?

What if we waited? What if we all stopped buying it now because we want it now and wait to get it when it's right? Maybe that would mean that we're no longer stuck with "disposable" stoves, or refrigerators, or televisions, or electronic gadgets, or clothes, or houses, or whatever. If we all held out for quality instead of impulse buying quantity, how would that change the availability of long lasting quality consumer goods? How much better off would our bank accounts be? How much better off would our planet be? How much better off would our people be?


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