The usefulness of my utensils

So I've started a new experiment. On the evening of December 15, 2015, I decided to put all of my kitchen utensils in a box in our laundry room (it's right next to the kitchen). When we need a utensil, we take it out of the box. Once we're done, it gets cleaned and can go back into a kitchen drawer.

I forgot to mention this experiment to my daughter. The next morning she yelled at me from the kitchen "Where are all the utensils? Why are the drawers empty?" She wasn't pleased. So I suggest if you're going to do this in your home, notify the other occupants beforehand. It might prevent grumpiness, especially on a rushed weekday morning before school.

My goal is to streamline how many kitchen utensils we own. I have a favourite spatula and a favourite mixing spoon. I rarely use any others. But I'm not sure which ones are my daughter's go to utensils. I wouldn't want to get rid of something she enjoys using while cooking. That would make her grumpy.

Anyway, on June 1st, whatever is left in the box will be given away or trashed. This does not include the cutlery, I've kept them in the drawer because I know we use them.

I love these types of experiments! We get so used to having the things we have around us that we rarely re-evaluate how useful they still are to us. This is a good a way to see what we use.

It's been a little unpleasant digging around in the box to find what we want to use. Maybe that will make a difference to what we decide to keep. Maybe we'll make due with what we did pull out of the box because we don't want to go dig around for something else.


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