2016 is the year I get things done!

Alright, so I got things done in 2015, but there were things I put off taking care of because they seemed like too much trouble (because, you know, getting rid of approximately 75% of my stuff and moving to the city from the suburbs is such a breeze!).

For instance, my sewing machine needs a tune up to function properly. I will get that done. Especially if I want to get back into sewing, it’ll be more pleasant to work with a properly functioning machine.

I have a couple pieces of vintage audio equipment that I don’t use and have no plans of using. They’re beautiful pieces and still work (though one needs a bit of a tune up), but they take up more room than I’m willing to allocate to them. So I will sell them off and I’ll use the money I get for them to buy a good quality Bluetooth speaker.

I have an antique sewing machine that my paternal grand-mother gave me before she passed away. She was proud that someone in the family had a knack for sewing like she did. The belt needs to be fixed. I’ll fix it. Other than that, it's in great condition and I could even use it (although I'll have to practice because I tend to lose the beat and then the machine starts sewing in reverse... it's quite funny... I'm such an inexperienced modern woman!).

I want to mount my dad’s orange brush in a shadow box frame to better honour it. I also want to do the same with a few of my daughter’s art pieces. I will get that done.

I want to switch insurance brokers because I don’t particularly like the service I get with the one I currently have. I’ll make the call.

I’ve been considering laser eye surgery because glasses are sometimes inconvenient and uncomfortable. I’ll book the consultation appointment.

I want to get a bus pass so I don’t always have to use my car for distances that are more than what I’d want to walk, but don’t necessarily want to use my car for. Driving and finding a parking spot can be more inconvenient sometimes than getting somewhere by bus. I will get that bus pass.

I have a box of random electronic stuff (like a keyboard and mouse from a desktop computer I used to own). I will take care of that and possibly (most likely) will get rid of all of it.

These are some of the things I can think of at the moment. They’re little things, but the procrastination has been weighing on my mind. It’ll be good to take care of them. Unclutter my "to do" list by just getting these little things done.


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