My minimalist wardrobe - update

I wrote last year that I was going to figure out my minimalist wardrobe before the end of 2015. That hasn't happened. This is not for lack of trying. I've been trying to find simple classic quality pieces to form my ideal (for now) minimalist wardrobe since that post. I'm very frustrated to report that I haven't been able to find what I've been looking for!

I've been making due with what I currently own. I have no choice. But my clothes are starting to wear out because I wear them often. I'm starting to panic a little because I can't find quality replacements, and I REALLY don't want to get into that whole fast fashion type of clothing. I don't like the look, the feel or the quality of the fabrics (materials) they use.

I feel like I'm backed into a corner and don't have much choice on what to do. I either:
  1. Lose weight so that I have access to more clothing because plus size clothing stores are VERY limited. However, that takes a lot of time and discipline. It doesn't help me in the now.
  2. Start making my own clothes. But then I'll have to research good fabric stores which are dying out because making your own clothes with good fabric has become way more expensive than buying the fast fashion available today. Also, because I haven't sewn in a long while, it'll take some time for me to make decent looking clothes. That also doesn't help me in the now.
  3. Give in to fast fashion. But I despise that option more than the previous two.
  4. Pay a professional to make my clothes, but I'm afraid that option will be way beyond my financial means. 
  5. Try a style change. I've been researching ideas online. I think this might be my best option for now.
So it looks like I might end up wearing only 1 outfit per season, not by choice, but by circumstance. The search for my minimalist wardrobe continues.


  1. Being plus-sized and looking for quality basics is really, really hard. Two suggestions:

    1. Have you considered Ureshii Design? They work mostly in jerseys, but ridiculously soft ones that I've found to be pretty substantial, they make all their clothing to measure, they are explicit about working with plus sizes ( I've only had their stuff for about six months, but it's wearing pretty well for me.

    2. I've never tried their stuff, but if it's your aesthetic:

    Unrelatedly, my sympathies on your loss. Grief and trauma are terrible and difficult and can make you feel so alone. You're not alone.

    For what it's worth, when I went through my own grief, I didn't trust my writing either. It felt like everything suddenly failed me as a coping mechanism.


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