The dust has no time to settle

In December, I mentioned I'd be taking a bit of break from any type of fixed structured challenges and that I'd be still for a while to let the dust settle. Well, life is such that the dust doesn't have much time to settle before some sort of crisis or adventure presents itself. In the short amount of time since that blog post, I've been hit with both crisis and adventure.

The adventure is my relationship with Mr. Romantic. That's been going well.

The crisis is a personal and family matter that I'm not ready to discuss here now, maybe ever. I can say, however, that it's definitely been a good thing I didn't have much of anything else to focus on. I've been able to give it the attention it needs. Even if I did have other projects or challenges on the go, I would have put them on hold to deal with what I need to deal with at the moment.

Hopefully things will calm down sooner rather than later and maybe the dust will have time to settle... even if it's just a little.


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