Little things

I've mentioned in January that 2016 is the year I get things done. Those little things that I've put off taking care of because they just didn't seem important enough at the time, but they've still been weighing on my mind.

Even though things have been difficult lately, I've been knocking things off of my 2016 to do list. I've taken care of my box of random electronic accessories, I've gotten my bus pass, and I've taken care of a few other random little things I didn't mention in that post.

I'm taking my time. In better circumstances, I'd probably be almost done with my list by now. But I've decided to cut myself some slack and just do a few little things here and there when I have the energy for it.

Along with the support of Mr. Romantic, My Awesome Friend Christy, my family and other friends, taking care of these things has been helping me through the difficult time. In life, it seems there are many things we can't control. That's hard for me to accept. But, taking care of the little things I can feels somewhat reassuring. It doesn't make the difficult stuff go away, but it helps me not dwell on it so much. Focusing on what I can control, helps. And the fact that they're done and crossed off the list feels like progress.


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