Minimal reach out

When I started writing my blog, I didn't expect people would read it. I hoped they would, but I didn't expect it. Turns out, people are reading it. And even better, some find value in my writings!

Eric West of reached out to me last Friday to let me know that one of my posts was featured on his website that day. He said he's actually featured my writings a few times on his site. How cool is that?! In his words: "... I really love your writing and I think you can inspire our readers." Thank you, Eric! I have to say I like his site, too.

Although many of us are trying to live the best life we can by simplifying it, minimalism's still not common practice. I don't know many people in my immediate surroundings who would call themselves a minimalist. Some are, just by their nature, like my dad was and some of the men I've dated. Others are applying some aspects of it. But I don't know of many who actively pursue it. So what do people like us do? We search for kindred spirits online for inspiration and support.

I'm very happy to be a part of it! I hope I continue to inspire you to live the best life you can in my pursuit of my best life.

P.S. - It's a short post this week. You'll understand why next Friday...


  1. Hi Dominque, thanks for sharing Minimal You!

    You bring up an interesting thought. Most of my minimalist friends are online friends. I only have one friend in real life that pursues a minimal lifestyle. That is part of what makes blogs like yours so important. You, and other bloggers like you, help people become comfortable with their minimalist leanings when everyone else around them is headed in the opposite direction.


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