Carrying on with my carry-on: Results

So I've gone through a whole month and a few days wearing only the clothes I took with me to New York City, with one exception: there was one day (a spring cleaning day) where I wore a t-shirt that wasn't part of the wardrobe. I didn't want to wear my nicer shirts for this heavy duty cleaning. 

I'm glad the month is over because the weather is getting warmer so it will be nice to be able to wear lighter clothing. That being said, I was totally fine with my limited choices. As you'll read on most other blogs where they discuss capsule wardrobes, we do experience decision fatigue in our every day lives. Being able to simplify (even if it's just your wardrobe), and therefore limit the decisions you have to make in a day, makes a difference.

I don't think anyone noticed that I was alternating between two pairs of pants and the three shirts, two sweaters and two tank tops. No one commented. (I didn't wear the skirt.) I think people really don't care what you wear as long as it's appropriate. Even if they did care; what does that say about them that they give so much importance to what you're wearing? Seriously!

There were only two times where I was slightly inconvenienced because I had to do late night laundry to have something to wear the next day. It wasn't a big deal though. I have a washer and dryer in my condo. I just put in a load before going to bed. In the morning, I put my clothes in the dryer before taking my shower and then I get ready. By the time I'm done, my clothes are ready.

What now? Well, I'll give myself permission to wear the other things in my closet. I'll still only bring over to the right side what I really want to wear after I've worn it and washed it. After a while, what's left on the left side of my closet will be donated.

I'll post more details about this in an upcoming article, but I think I've figured out what my capsule wardrobe items should be. However, I'm still looking for better quality versions of these items. That's the challenge nowadays.


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