Carrying on with my carry-on

When I took my Easter weekend trip to New York City, I brought very few items of clothing with me. They were:
  1. blue jeans (wore on the flight over)
  2. black jeans
  3. black skirt
  4. flowery shirt (wore on the flight over)
  5. black cardigan (wore on the flight over)
  6. green sweater
  7. black t-shirt
  8. teal cardigan
Obviously I haven't listed the shoes, jackets, scarves, underwear, socks and nightgown here. They're irrelevant for the purpose of this post.

So for the whole month of April, I will try to make due with the above items, adding only these two items:
  1. black tank-top
  2. white tank-top
This will bring my total to ten items of clothing. Everything else I will put aside for now on the left side of my closet. A ten-piece wardrobe sounds super appealing to me!

Why? Why not, right?! I want to see if these items will be enough for me. I may have been overthinking the whole minimalist wardrobe thing. Let's see if I'm right.

This is what I've been doing since I got back from my trip. Basically, I've made due with what I brought on the trip, including my toiletries. Everything else I boxed up. So far, so good.

At the end of April, I'll reassess. Maybe I'll keep going and just get rid of everything else. Maybe I'll miss my other items too much. We shall see...

So, at least for April, I'll carry on with the things in my carry-on!


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