The kitchen island

I don't like the kitchen in the condo I'm renting. It looks nice enough, but it doesn't have enough counter space for me. I've watched many tiny home shows where people have maybe two to three feet of counter space for food preparation, and they seem fine with it. At least, on camera...

Well, Madam, Mister, that's not for me! Despite not being a foodie, not having a work space I enjoy makes the task of cooking that much less enjoyable for me. So I haven't been cooking much in my kitchen. Which is really unfortunate because the more home cooked meals I make, the better I eat. The better I eat, the better I feel. Anyway...

It turns out that before I moved in, the landlord removed the wall that used to separate the kitchen from the dining room. This leaves me with a decent open floor space. So, I figured I'd just get a kitchen island to add more counter space and storage.

There was a kitchen island I really liked at a certain store. However, it was about $500. I don't have the funds to pay for that right now, nor would I want to for a space I'm renting for two to three years at the most.

So I thought of finding something I could convert into a kitchen island. But everything I found would have required a lot of work and some money to buy the materials needed to turn it into something I would like.

Well here comes Mr. Romantic to save the day! As he was looking through the flyers he gets every week, he saw a few kitchen islands he thought I might like. One in particular looked very similar to the $500 one I really liked. It's not as nice, but it's very close. Also, it's half the price when it's on sale. So I bought it last night.

You see, I did settle for something that's not exactly what I wanted, still, it will serve my purpose. Also, it's a piece I won't mind leaving behind if I can't use it wherever I move to next. With taxes it was a little less than $300. I figured approximately $150 per year for the convenience of having a better functioning kitchen is worth it for me. Besides, after a month or so of home cooked meals, it will be paying for itself.


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