Gifting on Buy Nothing Ottawa (Downtown)

A few weeks ago, I had my first experience with the Buy Nothing Ottawa (Downtown) group. I replied to a post from someone looking for a full length mirror. The one I offered wasn't exactly full length, but the woman was interested nonetheless. She dropped by on a Tuesday evening to pick it up. She seemed very happy and thanked me. We didn't chat very much. Later on in the evening she messaged me to thank me again.

So I decided to take action to get rid of the other extra items I own. I started by gifting a couple of lamps that I had in my bedroom in Orleans. They don't really fit well in the décor of my current place.

When I posted them to the group page, seven people showed interest. I wasn't quite sure how to choose who to give it too. So I let Mr. Romantic's daughter choose. However, that person couldn't pick up the lamps any time soon, so she suggested I pass them on to someone else. So I did.

The woman I ultimately gifted the lamps to has two young children and her husband works evenings. So instead of having her pick up the lamps, I offered to bring them to her. She, too, was grateful.

Although I liked helping out my neighbours, I don't feel like Buy Nothing Groups are for me. It takes more work to get rid of your things this way than to just drop them off at a local charity. So I guess I'll stay a member and just gift if people ask for something I have and want to get rid of. I'm always getting rid of something anyway...

I still think that these kinds of groups are a good idea. I'm just too impatient to get rid of my things in this manner.

If I was looking for new connections, I would most likely really enjoy this method of getting rid of my extra stuff. But for now, my life is still a little too busy and I prefer spending more time with my current loved ones than add extra time in getting rid of my things. So for my remaining items, I'll be donating them straight to charity.


  1. Interesting. I didn't know there were Buy Nothing groups like this. Looks like my Ohio city neighborhood has one, but alas, it is through Facebook. I haven't had Facebook in a decade and it doesn't seem worth it to sign up again just to (slowly) get rid of things.


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