Give as a thank you for not needing to receive

I was watching a reality TV show a while back in which local businesses from whatever community the show is based in for that episode donate their time, expertise and materials to help out a family that's gone through a rough time.

They usually build and furnish new homes for these people, and the chosen family gets other gifts from local businesses like grocery gift cards or special needs babysitting services and such. And boy, do these families need these gifts!

When he was interviewed about why he was helping out a particular family, one of the professionals said something to the effect of "I give as a thank you for not needing to receive".

Isn't that a fantastic reason!?!

Many of us will go through good times and bad. When the bad times hit us, receiving from others can really help lift our spirits. It can sometimes be the pick-me-up we need to keep on keepin' on, if even just for another day.

Giving doesn't always need to be material things. Sometimes, it's a kind word, help with the kids, help with home cleaning, a ride to somewhere, a warm meal, a safe place to sleep, a shoulder to cry on, etc. And then, when you're in a better place, you can be the one giving as a thank you for not needing to receive.


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