I don't even remember

Over the weekend, my mother gave me a lawn chair that I bought for my dad during the summer of 2014. He used to love to spend his days outside during the warmer months and would often fall asleep on one regular chair with his feet up on another. So I bought him a reclining lawn chair hoping it would be more comfortable for him. He was too far gone with his COPD and never really got to enjoy it. So my mom asked if I'd like the chair back because she wasn't going to be using it either.

I have a lounge chair on my balcony at the moment. I accepted my mom's offer because I figured Mr. Romantic and I might sit out on the balcony from time to time, now that the days are getting warmer. Having two chairs would come in handy for that purpose.

When I got the chair back to my place and Mr. Romantic brought it out to the balcony, I was reminded of all the stuff I had stored out there during my bed bug scare. Remember my bed bug scare?

Well, now that a month has gone by, it's time to clear out my balcony. The thing is... I don't really remember what's in those bags except for a few pillows. I know there's a lot of stuff that belongs to my daughter, but whatever is mine seems to be fairly useless and meaningless to me at the moment.

Therefore, I will risk opening the bags to make sure the items can be donated (I really, really, don't remember what's in them...). Whatever can be donated will be. The remaining things: garbage!

I say "risk opening the bags" because by looking in them, I might be tempted to hold on to what's in them "just in case".

Nope, I'm not immune to that feeling. But if that feeling does come over me, I'll just have to remind myself that these things have been in hiding for over a month and I didn't even remember they were there. They haven't been missed, so why would I hold on to them?

So even though it's time to take care of what I've put out there on the balcony, it doesn't mean I have to take them back in.

Which reminds me. Remember my bin of odds and ends I wrote about on March 18? Well, I feel like enough time has gone by that I can get rid of whatever is in there, also. And as with the plastic bags on my balcony, I don't remember what I've put in that box either.

I must say, if you're on the fence about getting rid of something because you think you might miss it, box it up and put it out of sight. If after a month you can't even remember what's in there, I think it's fair to assume that you most likely can live without it.


  1. "Risk opening the bags" is right! I love to say that I am not attached to anything in my garage...until I go look at it and see what it is.

    I just discovered your blog and I am enjoying your writing. I may be late in saying this, but I'm sorry that you lost your dad.


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