Take a hike!

The day I got my new leased car, my daughter asked if we could go for a drive up to the Champlain lookout in the Gatineau Park. So off we went - my daughter, Mr. Romantic and I.

As we were on our way up there, I was reminded of the lovely hiking trails. Last year I hiked the King Mountain Trail with Dr. T.. Although I struggled and had a hard time catching my breath during my hike, I really enjoyed the experience and definitely wanted to do more. So I had planned to hike the other trails this year

Luckily for me, Mr. Romantic also likes hiking and he's always willing to go whenever I am.

On the May long weekend, I had plans for us to hike three of the Gatineau Park trails. Having a car makes getting to these types of activities easier. We just pack up and go whenever we feel like it.

Although all of the trails I wanted to hike were rated easy, it was a little ambitious of me to plan to do all of them in that weekend. Still, I wanted to set that goal, but I was open to the idea of possibly not getting to do all of them. In the past few months, I've learned to listen to my body.

So on that Saturday morning, Mr. Romantic and I got dressed up for hiking and headed off to the Park. We parked near the Pioneer Trail and walked to the Lac des Fées Trail. I had planned to do both that day.

I was so happy! It's so awesome to find the perfect partner to have these types of experiences with. Someone who's in better shape than I am so that I push myself to keep up, but who doesn't mind at all to go at my pace so that I don't have to push too much and injure myself.

It was a gorgeous day with perfect weather for hiking. The sky was blue, the trees were green, the trail was mostly dry. We brought bottles that we filled up with water at home before leaving. Mr. Romantic also brought a little emergency kit and a few granola bars for snacks if we needed them.

We saw chipmunks, smelled apple blossoms, and had a few laughs. A perfect date!

The first trail was a one way then back - not a loop-type circuit. Getting to the end of the trail was almost a breeze. We even took somewhat of a wrong turn and had to climb a few rocks to get back up to the right path. I easily climbed them.

When we got to the end, I was thinking that I'd be able to do the next trail I had planned to do that day. However, I suddenly got very tired walking back. So we decided to go for a late breakfast instead.

We will hike the other trails, I'm sure. It just might take more time than I expected.

I really love these types of activities. They don't cost much, just the fuel to get there when you already own the appropriate gear.

Spending time in nature with my sweetie is definitely good for my soul!

Photo I took with my cell phone while hiking the Lac des Fées Trail


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