Doing a second round of Whole30... again

Sorry for not posting at my usual time. It was a busy week this week and I didn't get around to finishing my post until now.

This is going to be a fairly long post.

A diet consisting of simple foods totally falls in with a minimalist lifestyle. At least, in my opinion. Simple healthy ingredients lead to a healthy body and mind, which helps in living a simple life. Truly living life.

I’ve been a little quiet about it, but I’ve started another Whole30. So far I haven’t been able to successfully complete a second round. But this time is going to be different... I hope!

Why do I want to do another Whole30? Because I want to be healthier. I’m (was) in constant pain. Some days are (were) worse than others. It’s tiring! And I know it’s all food related because many of these issues were gone during my first Whole30, and for a few months after that.

But now that my habits and weight are pretty much where they were before my first Whole30, all of these issues are back. Heartburn. Joint pain. Headaches. Shortness of breath. Issues with my sinuses. Feeling lethargic. I’m so over it!

Another reason to do another Whole30 and get back on track is: I want to be able to do tons of activities with Mr. Romantic and be able to keep up with him. Truly live my life with him. I’ve finally found someone who enjoys all of the same activities I do. Camping. Hiking. Traveling. Walking. Canoeing. Museums. Wandering the city on foot... All of those activities require much energy and stamina.

We have a trip to Europe planned for next spring (which I plan on packing just a carry-on for... but that's for another post). I know we’ll do a great deal of walking. I certainly want to be able to keep up in Europe!

So this is my mid-way-ish report to you. I’ll give you another update at the end.

Day 1
We had a very late supper Monday night. I am so grateful that Mr. Romantic and my daughter helped me prepare our meal. They’re not doing a full Whole30 like I am, but they’ve agreed that for the meals we share, they’ll eat the same thing as me. If it wasn’t for their help Monday night, I probably would have given up right away. I was tired and a little overwhelmed thinking "what have I gotten myself into again?".

Day 2
I woke up with a terrible headache. I know it’s normal, but man it’s rough! I felt a lot of pressure in my sinuses and my body ached a little. Just goes to show me how poor my food choices have been. This reset will be good for me!

Day 3
No headache this morning, but I was feeling quite moody. I wish I could've stayed in bed all day and avoided people. I was totally feeling the "kill all the things" part of the journey.

Day 4
I was feeling kind of blah in the morning. But after getting to work, I noticed that my butt wasn't hurting anymore. I was thrilled!!

OK, let me explain. Back in March 2015, I had fallen down the stairs on my butt. The first month after that I was in excruciating pain! I'd been hurting ever since. Sitting and getting up hurt me terribly. Some days were worse than others.

But on the morning of day 4, when I got up from my uncomfortable office chair, I realized that the pain was gone! I had been living with it for about 1 year and 5 months. I'm finally free from the pain in my butt! Literally!

Some skeptics might not attribute this to the Whole30, but I don't know what else it could be. I used to hurt every day and no amount of anti-inflammatory medication would help.

Day 5
I was exhausted today, but felt very mellow. I didn't bring a breakfast or lunch to work. I decided I'd wing it. Bad decision! For a smoother Whole30, you MUST prepare. I know this! From now on, I shall do this.

Day 6
I found a compliant teriyaki sauce from Coconut Secrets and made myself a very tasty lunch. Then I was off to spend the afternoon and evening with my mom. We had a compliant supper there too. I like when my loved ones support me that way. I also like when they have a Whole30 compliant meal and they rave about it. You don't have to do a Whole30 to eat Whole30 compliant.

Day 7
I'm not exactly sure how I did it, but I woke up with an extremely painful back. My movements were limited. However, I still had to go do groceries and prepare food for the week. I was NOT going to have another day 5!

I did prepare food. Slowly. I prepared 3 meals worth of chicken drumsticks and cut up cauliflower, broccoli and radishes. I made 13 hamburger patties - some we ate for dinner, some we froze individually for later. I also made barbecue sauce. I was happy with how well it turned out. It might be slightly too spicy for me and my family, but in small quantities, it was quite tasty on my burger.

Day 8
I was happy that my back wasn't as sore as yesterday. My evening schedule got changed at the last minute which meant that I was going to have a very late supper. I didn't have anything to snack on. My daughter asked for drive-through fast food. I got it for her and she ate it in the car. The smell was kind of hard to resist. But I did!

When I got home fairly late, Mr. Romantic barbecued Italian sausage for me for my supper. He's so wonderful! Support like this totally makes a difference!

Day 9
As I was Instagramming my breakfast, I had to count to figure out what day I was at. Seems like this time around, I'm not so concerned with the days. It doesn't mean that cravings aren't strong. They are. But the food is soooo good, it's totally helping me get over it. I think I'm calmer about it this time also. I hadn't forgotten the lessons I learned last time. And let's not forget the incredible support I'm getting at home! :)

During the afternoon, a couple of my work colleagues suggested that we go out for lunch in my honour because I'm changing jobs as of October 3rd. That means a restaurant. I declined and explained I was on a Whole30. "You can take a break from it for one meal!" "No! Then I'd have to start up again at day 1" "Then start up at day 1." They said I was being difficult. I get it though. I've been working with these people for nine years and now I'm leaving. They like me. I like them. They want to give me a good send off. So I seriously considered quitting the Whole30 and starting up again. But then I started feeling bummed out about quitting. I'm actually enjoying Whole30 this time around. I don't want to stop yet. My body is already feeling better. I don't want to give that up. Not even for a farewell meal.

So I researched and researched and researched nearby restaurants to see if any one of them would have something on their menu that would require little intervention on my part and I finally found a place. So I got back to one of these friends and let him know that this restaurant would be acceptable. So he said he'd arrange something for next week - my last week. It may not happen, but at least they know what restaurant to take me to if they so choose.

Day 10
Yesterday we had a very late supper! Which is less than ideal when you have young children that have an early bedtime. So to make up for it, tonight we had leftovers. We have leftover burgers, Italian sausages, barbecued chicken, and cheese baked macaroni (not Whole30, but it was a meal Mr. Romantic and the kids had at some point this week when I was home late). So there's more than enough options for everyone to be happy. Yay for making extra food! :)

Day 11
Nothing specific to mention today. Feeling pretty neutral.

So for those of you who like the details of exactly what I ate and stuff, I'll be breaking my once a week post rule and writing a second post either today or tomorrow. So be sure to check out "Doing a second round of Whole30... again - the deets".


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