Doing a second round of Whole30... again - final report

As promised, here is my final report to you on this experience.

"But wait, Dominique. This can't be a report on the end of your Whole30... it hasn't even been 30 days yet!"

You're right. I chose to end the Whole30 before the day 22 supper.

Yep. With only 8 days to go, I decided to stop. It was just too much. I started a new job on Monday (day 22). Although it was a nice first day, I underestimated the effect that the disruption in my routine would have on me. I felt exhausted, stressed, overwhelmed. Close to breaking. So I gave myself a break before I would break.

Mr. Romantic and I had supper at a restaurant with the kids after I was able to convince him that I really was OK with my decision. And I am. Really.

I still feel like I benefited from this Whole21.66. The pain in my butt is gone and I lost 10.2 lbs. But more importantly, for breakfast and lunch on what would have been day 23, I made less than ideal food choices. All that did was make me crave a healthier supper. So I ate a much healthier supper. And the next day I followed up with a Whole30 compliant breakfast and what would have been a compliant lunch if it wasn't for my hamburger bun.

So I think what this attempt at Whole30 did for me is remind me how tasty healthy foods are. And the healthier you eat, the better healthy foods taste because your taste buds are not numbed by the super processed foods full of sugar, salt and terrible fats.

Also, stopping before it was over and then eating compliant meals after that break showed me that it is possible for me to eat mostly compliant and enjoy it, but I don't have to be perfect.

My plan going forward is to have a mostly paleo diet. I feel I can do that now in a way I didn't believe I could before.


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