A new hobby

Well hello there! Did you think I forgot about you? Well I haven’t! I wouldn’t.

How’ve you been?

I’ve been well. I’ve been busy! Back in October, I started a new job. It’s way more intense than what I was doing. In this new job, many things happen, and they happen quickly! Keeping up takes some getting used to.

The projects I work on can (and probably will) directly affect many people. So the level of attention, professionalism, and skill I have to bring to the table every day is significant. And, well, that can be tiring.

At the end of my workday, I’m mentally exhausted! So I haven’t spent much time writing. I’ve been crocheting instead.

Yes… you read that correctly… crocheting. It’s a new hobby I picked up from one of my new co-workers. She taught me how to crochet a granny square, and I fell in love with the hobby! It’s pretty much become a new obsession.

There are a few reasons why I like it so much.

First reason, I’m able to do it. That significantly increases my enjoyment of the activity, of course.

Second reason, it’s very creative. You should see the stuff fellow crocheteers post on social media. There are so many colour combinations, textures, and applications for crochet creations.

Third reason, it can be practical. I love being able to do something creative that can be useful. For instance, I’ve crocheted toques and I’m working on blankets.

Fourth reason, I find it fascinating that, basically, just by doing a series of knots, I can make stuff. Beautiful useful stuff.

Fifth reason, I find it extremely relaxing – meditative even. Like I mentioned, I’ve been coming home mentally exhausted at the end of the day. But this is an activity I find very soothing.

Sixth reason, I plan on giving away most of my creations as gifts. I like the idea of spending time on a project thinking about the person who’ll be receiving the gift. So every stitch is a little moment of love I’m spending on that person. (Sickening and a little much, I know… but it’s true. I really do spend time thinking about the person I’m making the item for.)

Alright, so there are more than just a few reasons. Can you tell I’m enjoying my new hobby?

So how does this fit in with minimalism?

Well, like I’ve mentioned before, when I’m into something, I can get a little carried away. And I somewhat have with this new hobby. It’s easy to go overboard and buy a whole bunch of yarn and accessories with plans of making things later.

The woman who taught me how to crochet said that she controls her impulse crochet material acquisitions by acquiring the necessary material for the specific project she’ll undertake. She knows that if she goes into a store without a specific project in mind, she’ll go overboard. (Sounds familiar…)

People also give her yarn from projects they’ve abandoned. So much so that she’s been having to refuse yarn because her stash is getting out of hand.

Another thing she does, which is completely awesome in my opinion, is that she crochets for charity. She’ll make blankets, hats, booties, mittens, socks… whatever, and gives it to specific charities to help people in need like the homeless or sick children. I love that she found a way to turn a beloved hobby into something to help the community.

So it’s just like for anything. If you use the items, and you can afford it and it brings you joy, aaaaand you have enough space for it, then have at it. Otherwise, set limits.


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