Last minute Christmas shopping

It’s Christmas the day after tomorrow. Are you still rushing around trying to buy your Christmas gifts? Why? Does Billy really need another toy? Does mom need any more slippers? Does your teenager really need another new trinket to add to that pile of stuff strewn across her bedroom floor?

Well, Dominique, if I don’t buy my loved ones a gift, how will they know I love them?

Oh, my dear friend, give them your time!

Here’s what I’m doing for Christmas. I’m giving cards to my loved ones. In those cards, I’ve set up a date to spend time with them. For one of them, maybe it’s a meal out at a fancy restaurant. For another, perhaps a trip to that museum they really like. For another, maybe some kind of concert, play, or movie. It doesn’t really matter. What matters is that we spend time together creating memories.

I’ve started doing this a while back when I ran out of ideas on what to give my niece and nephew. We don’t often get to spend one on one time together. So by doing this, we spend time bonding. Now when we see each other, we laugh as we reminisce: “Remember that time with all those Asian spies at the mall?” (Long story, but my niece knows what I’m talking about.)

They probably don’t remember what I bought them on those dates (I don’t remember), but we do have the memories we created from spending time together.

I think you can do this with little kids also. I’ve been doing this with my nephew since he was about 5-years-old (which is about the time I came up with this approach). I’m sure he would have been perfectly fine with it if we had started to do this even before then. And, anyway, toddlers won’t remember the gifts they received. They won’t remember the time you spend with them either. But you will!

The kids now expect these “gifts” from me. And I think they really like this approach. I really like this approach. Not just because it’s less stressful than running around trying to find that perfect trinket, but because I truly enjoy their company and the memories.

Our time here on Earth is so very limited, and we’re all so very “busy with life”. What better gift than to give your loved ones your time and cherish those memories!

Happy Holidays!


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