Bring home to work

I love being at home. I try to make it a peaceful retreat. Since I’ve moved in with Mr. Romantic, we’ve been working at pairing down our belongings so that we’re left with just what we truly love or need. Although we still have much work to do, I’d almost always would rather be home than anywhere else.

So it makes it hard for me to go to work. I have to leave my nest for at least 10 hours a day (including the commute and time spent in my cubicle). Being out in the chaos of the world is stressful. So I try to bring a little bit of home with me to work.

For example, I keep a set of utensils at work so that I have sturdy metal utensils to use, just like I would at home. I never have to worry about utensils when I pack my lunch. I know I have everything I need to eat whatever I bring. It’s obviously also better for the environment. This way, I’m not contributing to the plastic environmental problems.

I also keep a little tea pot and cup set and various tea flavours at work so that I can have afternoon tea. This delicious little ritual helps me relax, and helps ground me.

Another one of the rituals (or chores if you will) that helps make me feel at home is cleaning. I don’t like cleaning, but I like the results. I like the harmony it brings to my environment and to my life.

I keep a dish-cloth and dish-towel at work so that once I’m done eating my breakfast or lunch, I wash the empty containers and my utensils. This is beneficial for two reasons.

Beneficial reason number one, washing the dishes makes me feel like I’m at home. The smell of the dish soap. The warm soapy water. It’s comforting.

Beneficial reason number two, it means less work for me at home. I can just put the clean containers away in the cupboards, or fill them with the next day’s lunch.

These are just little things that make a difference for me. I have to spend so much time at work away from home; I might as well try to make it feel as homey and as comforting as my government office can be.

So if you can't just stay home or work from home, try to bring a little "home" to work.


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