Tiny moments of peace

I don’t normally write my blog post the morning of. I normally plan, write and edit. But this week has been an extremely busy week at work. I get home and I’m just drained. The only thing I want to do is crochet. And there were times I couldn’t even do that!

Last night, I woke up multiple times and my first thoughts were of work. I really don’t like letting work creep into my off duty time. However, I couldn’t help it. Even when I tried to purposefully push the thoughts out of my mind, they’d come rushing back. These big intrusive bully thoughts of work. *sighs*

When I woke up to really start my day, I decided that I would do my best to create tiny moments of peace. So as I was waiting for the water to boil to make my coffee, I sat in the calm and dark living room lit only by the warm yellow light of a little lamp.

Then I walked slowly to my car, stopped before opening the door to take a deep breath and appreciate the mild winter air. So Mother Nature is supporting me in my quest for peace today.

In the car, I didn’t turn on the radio. I drove silently to work, stopping only to fill up on gas. Whenever I could, I drove at the posted speed limit leaving more than enough room between my car and the one in front of me.

Then I, again, walked slowly from the parking lot to my office building. People were rushing past me in a hurry to get to work. But not me. I’m in earlier, but I’m determined for this day to be a mindful day.

It’s easy when I get stressed for me to neglect my health. I’m drawn to cheap and easy fast food. But treating myself that way only makes things worse. So another thing I will do today is to take my time and make it a point to eat as healthily as I can. 

Today, wherever I can, I will find or create tiny moments of peace.


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