Well, I wrote a whole blog post on New Year’s resolution, but I lost it. So now it’s post day, and I don’t have anything prepared. So without much thought and editing, here’s today’s post:

This year, I didn’t make a new year’s resolution or wanted to take on a challenge for January 1st. Now that we’re almost mid-way through the month, I kind of want to take on a challenge.

Dealing with life’s ups and downs, moving in with Mr. Romantic, and becoming crochet obsessed has left me feeling a little off of my minimalist path. So I feel like I need to do something about it. I don’t want to have my minimalist member card revoked!

Remember near the end of last year I had intended to start a series on how to be a minimalist and ended up posting just Part one? In that post, I told you that before you take any physical action on how to be a minimalist, you should dream of your perfect life. Well, I’m going to take my own advice. 

Dreaming is one of my favourite pastimes. I had dreamed up my perfect life many times before, but circumstances have changed and those dreams don’t fit anymore. Now I have new people to incorporate in my dream; Mr. Romantic and his kids. So, time for a new one!

Now for this post, I’ll keep things at a bit of a high level. For myself, by myself, I’ll go into more detail for each of these points. But I wanted to give you a little example of what I mean when I say dream of your perfect life.

My dream life:
I live in an uncluttered, tidy, calm, and beautiful home with Mr. Romantic, his kids and my daughter. We eat our healthy family meals at the dining room table. We travel to places near and far. We visit museums, art galleries and historical sites, and take part in local cultural events. We are physically active and regularly take advantage of our region’s nature by hiking and canoeing in our national and provincial parks. We go camping as often as we can and want. I read at least 6 books a year, alternating between non-fiction and fiction. I write every day. I’m learning a third language. I walk at least 30 minutes a day, every day. I sit still at least 10 minutes a day – no talking, no reading, and no media (social or otherwise). Mr. Romantic and I take time to connect with each other daily. My finances are in order.
So that’s what my dream life looks like. The cool thing is that I already do many of these things, to a certain extent. All I have to do is to work towards being more consistent.

So there you have it. Dream your perfect life and we’ll touch base next week for How to be a minimalist – Part two!


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